EDUcentrum is a non-profit organisation that strives to support innovative forms and methods of education, employability and entrepreneurship based on cross-sectoral cooperation. Our team consist of experienced educational experts, project managers and researchers who strongly believe that changing traditional perspectives on education and labour market is the key to impact our living and working environment.

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EDUcentrum, z.ú.
Seat: K Lomu 1056, 252 29 Dobřichovice
Branch: Thámova 32, 186 00 Praha 8 - Karlín
ID: 229 053 41
PIC: 947764012
E-mail: info@educentrum.eu

Mgr. Lenka Doležalová Pavilková
Director of EDUcentrum. Experienced manager with pedagogical education. She has built one of the largest language schools in the Czech Republic and has long been dedicated to improving the quality of language education.


Ing. PhDr. Zdeňka Havrlíková
Project expert, coach and specialist in the field of personal a career development. She holds a Master´s degree in Education and Business Economics and Management. She is an experienced project designer and manager.

+420 210 215 364

Radka Muchová
Project and process manager with background in linguistics acquired during studies of translation and interpreting at Charles University. She manages projects on both national and international level.

+420 210 215 363
+420 778 798 363

Jiřina Mrkvičková
Project coordinator with education bacground in economics. She is specialised in cooperation with schools and implementation of educational activities.

+420 210 215 367
+420 773 423 320

Pavlína Ráslová
Project methodology specialist. She holds a Master´s degree in Ecology and environmental protection. Her qualification is leisure-time pedagogue and she has got a long-term pedagogical and lecturing experience.

+420 210 215 365
+420 778 798 365
Vojtěch Smolík Educentrum

Vojtěch Šmolík
Project manager and administrator with background in Political Science, International Relations and African Studies. He works on national and international projects, often with the youth.
+420 778 798 364

Tereza Pálková
Project manager with many years of experience as a lecturer and project methodologist. She studied philology at FF UPOL. He specializes in active citizenship of young people and English language acquisition.

+420 210 215 366
+420 778 798 366