About the project

NEUROANDRAGOGY AGAINST EXCLUSION project is coordinated by Społeczna Akademia Nauk from Poland in partnership of organisations from Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, United Kingdom and Hungary. The project aims to introduce the idea of using the latest knowledge on neurodidactics in adult education addressed to disadvantaged groups of people to encourage them to be part of lifelong learning process. During the work on the project, we intend to collect, describe and test the most useful educational strategies based on neurosciences, which will help adults develop knowledge and skills adequately to their individual circumstances, and thus best serve to counteract social and professional exclusion.

Main beneficiaries of the project:

  • adult people from disadvantaged groups, threatened or affected by social exclusion;
  • teachers, educators, trainers working with adult learners or cooperating with anti-exclusion institutions and organizations.;
  • wide understood educational istitutions dealing with adult education.

Main project outputs:

  • A teachers’ training program “Neuroandragogy in adult education at risk of exclusion", including educational materials.
  • Training materials for disadvantaged adults, developing their skills of effective learning, using the rules of neuroandragogy.
  • An interactive educational platform "Neuroandragogy against exclusion"
  • Publication: „Neuroandragogy against exclusion"

Project website:

Articles and newsletters

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