TRIZ 8/2017

About the training
“TRIZ for Entrepreneurs” was an international training focused on development of trainers´ competences in entrepreneurship support with help of a creative problem solving theory called TRIZ. The trainig took place in Samsun, Turkey and there were 26 young people from 8 countries present. Website of the project is here. Article about the training is available here.

More information
Title: “TRIZ for Entrepreneurs”
Type of event: International training
Hosting organization: OMU Project and Innovation Youth Group
Dates a location: 14.08-22.08.2017, Samsun, Turkey
Number of participants: 26
Countries: Turkey, France, Czech republic, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia
Working language: English

Project was organized in the frame of Key Action 1, Youth, Erasmus+ programme.