DEEDU 2018-2020

About the project

DIGITAL ENVIROMENTAL EDUCATION (DEEDU) is an international ERASMUS+ project running under the Key action 2: strategic partnerships. DEEDU project is based on interfacing the fields of digital technology and environmental education. It aims at youth and youth workers by supporting the development and implementation of new methods, encouraging education in latest technologies and empowering active citizenship. The objectives of the project are to combine the benefits and relevance of environmental education with the strength of digital technologies, boost youth’s maker mindset, innovate youthwork, and provide concrete tools to engage with citizen science.

Download the project brochure and learn more: DEEDU brochure


Digijeunes – France (project coordinator)
Horizon Lab – Italy
Stowarzyszenie Kulturalno-Ekologiczne “Filtrator” – Poland
EDUcentrum, z.ú. – Czech Republic


Project deliverables consist of 3 educational kits that allow young users to act upon their own environment in view of tackling environmental issues, by, for example, reducing energy consumption and monitoring environmental parameters. The kits introduce users to:

  • home automation in view of encouraging and fostering energy saving behaviours
  • monitoring environmental parameters (quality of the air, atmospheric variables, etc.) in view of collecting data about one’s local environment and subsequently uploading them on a platform for participative citizen science
  • automated gardening systems in order to trigger curiosity and interest in DIY gardening

Download all kits on the following link: DEEDU tutorials

For more information, please contact Anna Simonová:


Have a look at photos from some of the project activities: transnational project meetings (in France/Toulouse and Italy/Pompeii), workshops for teachers and youtworkers, pilot tests in schools, dissemination of project objectives and outputs at events for educators.


DEEDU meeting Toulouse workshop workshop for youth workers weather station water pollution pilotáže měření kvality vody light sensor EMI EMI detector EMI measure EMI detector DEEDU elektromagnetické pole DEEDU DEEDU workshop DEEDU soucastky DEEDU pilotáže DEEDU konference IMG_0118 Italy meeting IMG_0985-001 IMG_0980-001 Pompei Pompei meeting DEEDU materials workshope June 2019 S mobilem o přírodě