About the project
CREATIVE YOUTHWORK NETWORK (CYN) is a two-year Erasmus+ strategic partnership project in the field of youth. The projects starts in September 2016 and finishes in April 2018. The project seeks to help disadvantaged young people and youth workers who work with them. EDUcentrum and four other partners will design and pilot a workshop that will engage young people to develop their skills and competences in the field of media. The workshop will be created by youth workers developing their skills as well. 

REDEA Regional Development Agency – Croatia
GECKO Programmes Ltd. – United Kingdom
WCR Wolverhampton Community Radio Training – United Kingdom
Nyitott Kör Egyesület - Hungary

In June 2017 we implemented a 3-week workshop in Wolverhampton for youth workers from the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary and UK. It was an amazing experience full of new discoveries, inspiration and creativity. Our participants learnt how to use media and arts as a learning tool to design their own workshops for youth. Check our video and Facebook page to see more.