BREAK THE CHAIN – Providing ways to fight fake news and disinformation online

Thematic area of the project: Adult education / Media literacy
Project leader: EDUcentrum, z.ú. – Czech Republic

Project website:

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Project partners:
E-Seniors: Initiation des seniors aux NTIC association – France
Komicha LTD – Bulgaria
Atermon B.V. – Netherlands
Federacion de asociaciones de consumidores y usuarios de los medios (ICMEDIA) – Spain
HeartHands Solutions Limited – Cyprus

The project is implemented in the period from 1/12/2021 to 31/4/2024.

Focus of the project:

  • raising awareness about intentional disinformation and fake news among adult population
  • assist adults in detecting and coping with fake news and disinformation online
  • enhance media literacy among adult population
  • support adults educators developint innovative training approaches

Target group: adults aged 55+, adult trainers, schools, training centres, NGOs, research institutions, journalists

Main project assumptions:
The internet and social media have changed the ways in which citizens engage with news and information. Though information source, online media come with what we call disinformation and fake news that may have severe consequences and can cause public harm, threaten democracy and affect people in decision-making. The exposure to disinformation and fake news is among major challenges in the EU. More than a third of Eurobarometer study respondents believe that come across some fake news every day. On the contrary, only a minority of people feel very confident in detecting fake news. More likely, adults aged 55+ are vulnerable in comparison with other social groups. To complement the EU programs on tackling fake news and disinformation among the youth, Break the Chain project aims to develop and strengthen media literacy among the adults.

Main activities of the project:
3 Transnational Project Meetings – plans, evaluations, management
3 Project Results (see below)
6 Multiplier Events – promotion of project results in each project partner country

Project Results
(1) Guide for adult trainers and educators, (2) Educative web application, (3) Dynamic online demonstrator

Contracting authority: Dum zahranicni spoluprace – National Agency of the Erasmus Program+ in the Czech Republic, KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education