About the project
The project BE A MESSENGER is an international partnership project funded by the Visegrad Fund. Our common goal is to bring together youth oriented organizations from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia (V4 countries) in order to develop a toolkit with workshop scenarios on multiculturalism. This toolkit will help youth (aged 14-17) to become responsible, diversity valuing open-minded members of a society, who want to promote those values among their peers.

We will share best practices and experience from each of the V4 countries related to introduction of multiculturalism topic to young people. The project team will recieve a training on multiculturalism and get to know the history of Lodz, a city which turned from the greatest melting pot of languages, religions and cultures to the embodiment of monoculturalism. The best practices and teaching tools will be shared by all partners with local NGOs and other interested organisations working with young people.

Fundacja Aktywnych Inicjatyw Rozwoju - Poland
EDUcentrum o.s. – Czech Republic
Milan Simecka Foundation - Slovakia
Cultural View International Association - Hungary

1. Workshop on multiculturalism in Poland, Lodz
2. Workshop in each partner country with local NGOs
3. Toolkit with scenarios and methods
4. Blog